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Lifestyle Coach Akila Gilyard of Akila Gee The Brand Announces New Book “From Inmate To Purpose”

NEW YORK, June 22, 2021 — Finding purpose and direction in life can oftentimes be challenging. However, this is where lifestyle coaches can help people find purpose and guide them to achieve what they truly desire. Author and life coach Akila Gilyard of Akila Gee The Brand is one such life coach who offers life coaching services. Recently, Akila Gilyard has launched her new book “From Inmate To Purpose”.

Turning life lessons into meaningful purpose, “From Inmate to Purpose” follows the journey of Akila Gilyard and how she navigated her life growing up in a restrictive church setting, to being incarcerated and forced to take on the role of mother and protector all at such a young age. 

Akila Gilyard and her lifestyle coaching services give businesses credibility. When a business has completed the process of becoming incorporated and brand its presence, it can make a favorable impression on investors, making it easier to raise capital. Plus, in some cases, there is perceived permanency and reputability on the part of clients/customers when a business takes the time to brand. Akila Gilyard specializes in Lifestyle Coaching, Business Formation Legality, and Business Marketing and Branding.

Akila Gilyard’s “From Inmate To Purpose”

In Akila Gilyard’s latest book “From Inmate To Purpose”, she has poured her heart into pages that can serve others with lessons and guidance. Akila has overcome unimaginable challenges that have shaped her to be the successful life coach she is today. The book features a compelling story that can provide someone with the perspective they need when you just don’t feel like enough. 

Gilyard understands those feelings all too well with her own personal setbacks and challenges. Without letting her past solely define her future, her book tells a powerful, honest, and inspiring true story of a woman’s journey from pain to prosperity.

From being a teen mother to being released from prison and having to make significant sacrifices to live a life of purpose, Akila presents the groundbreaking truth of what can happen when you set your sights on internal change for your future. By taking control of her narrative, she leads the way in introducing to the world who she is, who she was, and who she is not. 

Pushing for those to explore their own inspiration and driving forces, Akila has written this book not only as a self-healing process but also to show others the triumph that awaits when you overcome the obstacles that tried to shut you down. 


Akila Gilyard believes that by silencing the noise that often plagues our minds, we are capable of creating so much more than we ever thought was possible. Author and life coach Akila Gee has faced her own life-changing challenges that made her realize that there are no shortcuts in life. Akila is now dedicated to helping and building individuals to reach their highest potentials. Akila is well known for her compassion and willingness to help others. She is always creating ways to encourage others to always find the positive in any situation. 

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