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Three Things Style Communicates About You.

This Article is Written by our guest contributor Maria Ibrahim.

Style is more than your outfit. It is the sum total of the type of clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear and carry. It also encompasses your makeup and hair. Whatever all these factors collectively say about you is your style. It depicts who you are, where you are from, what you do, and how you feel about yourself and the world around you. In short, your style reflects your personality, character, and mood.

How Does Style Reflect Personality?

Personality management is an integral part of an individual’s overall development. An individual’s style of carrying himself plays an important role in enhancing her personality. In fact, the dressing sense of a person alone communicates a lot about different traits of her personality.

The type of outfits your wear signal your comfort with your own body. It can indicate your appreciation for specific aspects of your own physique. The colors you wear and how they work with other colors in your outfit show your visual taste.

People who wear loud or bright clothes are usually perceived as extroverts, whereas people who wear dull clothes are perceived to be introverts. This confirms the saying that a man is known by his dress and address.

How Does the Style Define Character?

As mentioned earlier, your style says a lot about you. Your dressing sense and your choice of accessories reflect your taste and environment. It can reveal your family background and nature of work. Your personal style also affects how others perceive your character.

For example, baggy shirts and pants indicate carelessness and comfort at best and laziness and lethargy at worst. In contrast, a well-tailored suit and a proper fit indicates professionalism and discipline at best and being boring and conservative at worst. How likely others are to lean towards the positive or the negative inference depends on your status and goodwill.

How Does the Style Exhibit Mood?

A team of Australian researchers found that people will sometimes avoid wearing anything again that they wore during a tough situation. Research suggests that people often transfer negative energy and emotions onto their clothing. If they go on a date and it doesn’t go well, they want to direct the negative feelings toward an object rather than themselves.

Aside from association by experience, some colors have an inherent effect on one’s mood. Different types of clothing and color combinations have the power to induce different feelings in an individual. Some can make one feel more confident, while others can make one feel nervous.

Qualitative research in psychology reveals that a dress that enhances the body can be valued not only because it makes the wearer feel more confident but also because remembering the confidence and admiration these garments brought is valued long after one stops wearing them.

Style and mood are directly proportional to each other. They affect each other simultaneously. Sometimes a certain mood determines what you wear, whereas, at other times, your style determines how you feel. When one feels tired, she wants to wear something comfortable, and when she is feeling happy, she is more likely to create a bold look by wearing something loud and bright.

As long as you do not judge yourself too harshly or censor your gut feelings when putting together an outfit, the one you put together while you feel your best will always communicate the best aspects of you. Your style can reveal a lot about your character, taste, and mood. And you can make sure only the best gets revealed by putting effort into your style.

About the Author

Maria Ibrahim is an aesthetics columnist and personal image consultant who specializes in the psychology of style. She combines make-up, personal shopping, and remote styling to put together looks that make her clients feel confident and happy.

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