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ROMA Boots To Donate Thousands of Boots to Ukrainian Refugees

Marking 12 impactful years in business, ROMA will give footwear to Ukrainian refugees for every pair sold in April, with the goal of providing 100,000 boots in 2022.

DALLAS — ROMA Boots, the brand known for merging fashion with philanthropy, announces that they will donate a pair of boots to Ukrainian refugees for every pair sold in April, intending to provide 100,000 boots in 2022. The socially conscious company marks its 12th anniversary of merging for-profit fashion with a strong 1-for-1 philanthropic give-back mission. The brand donates to charities daily through its “Product With Purpose” initiative and the ROMA Foundation.

Each year, the brand releases a limited edition boot following their 1:1 model. In honor of their 12th Anniversary this April, ROMA Boots will unveil their DAY OF HOPE boot by artist Laurence Gartel launching this Fall and coinciding with the upcoming release of founder Samuel’s book GIVE POVERTY THE BOOT.

“Growing up in rural Romania gives me a unique perspective on what is happening in Ukraine and Eastern Europe,” said Bistrian. “It pains me to see the chaos, death and destruction, so whatever ROMA can do to help those in need, especially children, is of utmost importance. For me, this is very personal and upsetting. From day one, the mission of ROMA has been to give back to those in need. The success of our company means our foundation is assisting others worldwide. I grew up extremely poor and realized the enormous impact adequate footwear has in poverty-stricken countries. This was the genesis for ROMA Boots.”

ROMA initially began to help children in Romania and Eastern Europe and has since become a global movement that has impacted hundreds of thousands of children across 30 countries, donating $7 million worth of boots.

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