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Rockstar Energy Drink Partners with The SpringHill Company to Celebrate Game Changers in the Hispanic Community

Musical Artist, Snow Tha Product, drops new music film and single “Cobrar” spotlighting Rockstar Energy Drink muses whose hustle is making a difference

PURCHASE — Rockstar Energy Drink and The SpringHill Company are partnering to launch musical artist and activist Snow Tha Product’s new single “Cobrar” and its accompanying short film. The latest release celebrates the stories of young Rockstar Energy game changers who make a difference in the Hispanic community and bring a “new energy” to the music space. In addition to the film, Rockstar Energy Drink has created a short-form content series around the muses included in the hero film.

Available today on YouTube, the song and anthem film highlight the stories of three muses who embody Rockstar Energy’s hustle spirit: Gianna Nino-Tapias, medical student and health activist; Daniel Buezo, fashion designer and co-founder of streetwear upstart Kids of Immigrants; and David Gonzalez, professional skateboarder and Rockstar Energy Drink athlete.

Snow Tha Product drew on her own experiences and the stories of her muses to write “Cobrar” and develop the music video concept. Her new song takes the form of a hip-hop-infused “corrido,” a popular form of poetic songwriting that creates a narrative through a rhythmic ballad originating in Mexico.  “Cobrar” tells the story of how Snow and her generation are coming to collect the debt that is owed to their parents and previous generations and serves as an ode to the true rockstars of today. The music video, directed by David Camarena, shares family photos of each muse, showcasing their hustle journey and how the generation before empowered them to get to where they are today.

  • Originally from Oaxaca, Nino-Tapias’s mother’s passion for ensuring that their family could overcome challenging situations inspired her to go to medical school to help people who don’t have the resources they need to care for their health.
  • Born and raised in Colombia, Gonzalez is a star in the skateboarding community, winning one of the most prestigious awards in the sport, Thrasher’s “Skater of the Year.” He credits his parent’s strong work ethic as the driving force behind his accomplishments.
  • Buezo’s Honduran father taught him that being an immigrant is a positive force, and that harnessing his family’s immigrant spirit would spark his own creativity and ability to succeed.

“The most impactful hustle stories are like those of Gianna, Daniel, and David, who work hard to succeed, never forgetting their roots, while giving back to their communities,” said Fabiola Torres, General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of the Energy Category, PepsiCo. “Partnering with The SpringHill Company to bring these stories to life will empower those that need the energy to push forward in their day-to-day. Snow was the perfect artist and songwriter for this, as her own story is inspiring.”

Snow Tha Product was born in California to Mexican immigrants. Her father and grandfather were mariachi singers, and Snow grew up singing in her grandfather’s mariachi band. She started her musical career as a teenager and released her first album when she was 20. In 2017 she received an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video with a Social Message. Last year, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for her collaboration with Argentine producer, Bizarrap on the song “BZRP Music Sessions #39.” Her new album, VALEMADRE, will be released this year.

“A ‘rockstar’ in American culture is a singular person, whereas in Hispanic culture it’s a ‘we,’ a collective victory. When we were thinking about the creative we knew that all of the people around an individual who ‘put you on’ would be at the center of this. It’s an honor for us at SpringHill to be able to partner with Rockstar Energy to give these Latino stories a platform,” said Ricardo Viramontes, Chief Creative Officer of The SpringHill Company. “Bringing on Snow Tha Product was a perfect choice. She’s someone who is extremely passionate about her community and takes great pride in representing the Hispanic community, including spotlighting these three muses. We hope their stories–and Snow’s–will inspire others to discover how their heritage can fuel their passions and drive them to succeed.”

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