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Gerard Puxhe on building a thriving artistic design brand

Gerard Puxhe has built a respectable brand reimagining every aspect of modern interiors as avant-garde art. From treating wallpapers as his canvas to installing commissioned murals in prestigious locations, Puxhe has established himself as not just a forward-thinking artist but also as a successful entrepreneur in the interior arts space. Today he sits with us for an exclusive interview covering his inspiration, style, and practice.

You have worked on so many public-facing projects yet reveal very little about yourself. Tell us three facts no one knows about you.

Yes, I don’t usually post about my personal life, sometimes on Instagram stories, but just if I’m here or there. I started studying business and economics at the university but quit after two years. I do like the subject, but I realized it wasn’t my thing.

Then I studied for an interior design degree, but at the same time, I discovered graphic and web design. It was all during the internet boom, so I started doing some courses and exploring the field by myself. My first job was, in fact, as a graphic and web designer, even before I finished my degree.

I moved to London 7 years ago. I loved the city and wanted to live the experience. I also loved cloudy days, so from a guy that was born in la Costa del Sol, that sounds crazy, but that’s the truth.

Balancing an art studio with a thriving interior design business with a waiting list of clients and projects can be quite a tightrope to walk. Tell us about your daily routine as an artist.

It’s curious how I never considered myself an artist but a designer as I always worked on design projects. In the last five years, things have gone in a natural way for me, turning from working for clients to do my own stuff. Even though I produce different types of products under my personal brand, these are all artwork-based.

My daily work depends on what stage I’m at with a new design. As an independent designer, I’ve to take care of everything, from creating artwork to promotional material, online shop, providers, sales, etc.

– Gerard Puxhe

I like to be quite disciplined with all my timings. I get up early, work out, breakfast, news reading, email checking, and then work—lunchtime and coffee and back to work. And then I stop in the evening and leave some time so disconnect (now I’m studying Japanese). I used to work all day long, but by experience, that doesn’t mean you’ll produce more.

Interior designers like to acquire oddities from different places. Tell us about a few interesting pieces in your collection.

Moving from Malaga to London years ago, space limitation in the city, etc., sadly doesn’t allow to collect many things. I do have some design items around, like special water bottles, candle holders, vases, and even toys, but I don’t consider it as a collection.

Keeping a consistent style while constantly producing new pieces can be tough; how do you manage to keep your work fresh?

That’s probably the most difficult thing to do. I’m always looking for new software techniques to apply to my upcoming designs. I test them, play around and see if I like that new thing I’m creating. To me, it’s all about the visual and the beauty of it. I then add my personal touch in terms of asymmetries, colors, etc.

You venture into different areas, from product design to customized pieces for homes. What do you plan to do over the next year?

My aim is to keep developing architectural wall murals and prints. It fits perfectly how I understand graphics and space when they work together.

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